Why Technical Coding Interviews Are So Challenging: Understanding the Obstacles for Software Engineers

Technical coding interviews can be difficult for several reasons. In this article, we’ll explore some of the reasons why technical coding interviews can be so challenging.

Time Constraints

One of the most significant challenges of technical coding interviews is the time constraints. Many coding interviews require candidates to solve complex problems in a short amount of time, often just a few minutes. This can be challenging, as it requires candidates to work quickly and efficiently while under pressure.

High-Stress Environment

Coding interviews are often conducted in a high-stress environment, which can be intimidating for candidates. This stress can make it difficult for candidates to think clearly and solve problems effectively. Additionally, the high-stress environment can lead to nervousness and anxiety, which can further impair performance.

Unfamiliar Technologies

Technical coding interviews often require candidates to use programming languages or technologies that they may not be familiar with. This can be a significant challenge, as it requires candidates to quickly learn and apply new concepts and techniques. Additionally, this can add to the overall stress and pressure of the interview.

Inconsistent Interview Processes

Another challenge of technical coding interviews is that the interview process can be inconsistent across different companies and organizations. This can make it difficult for candidates to prepare effectively and can lead to a sense of uncertainty and anxiety.


Technical coding interviews can be challenging for a variety of reasons, including time constraints, high-stress environments, unfamiliar technologies, and inconsistent interview processes. By understanding these challenges, candidates can better prepare themselves for technical coding interviews and increase their chances of success. With practice and preparation, candidates can overcome these challenges and demonstrate their skills and abilities as software engineers.